Sunday, 5 July 2015

Oh, how things change.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this blog about Bala

Oh, how things change!!

I posted that on the 20th June - my biggest concern was the cold.
On 23rd June, I was knocked from my bike by a car.
One minute I was cycling round a roundabout and the next minute, I learned to fly as a car pulled out and hit me side on.
I was lucky, only bumps and bruises and a broken bike.

It has been gloriously warm since - its likely that even Bala has warmed considerably.
I am no longer worried about the cold.
It will be what it will be and it will be the same temperature for everyone.

My biggest fear is now my shoulders.
Whether they will hold.
Whether they are strong enough to take me the 6 miles required.

I suffered whiplash - and frankly, swimming now hurts in 127 different ways and in 43 different places.

I had my first swim on Wednesday and managed a mile - it was possibly the most unattractive mile I've swum. EVER
But I did it.

And then I swam another mile on Saturday.
I possibly went a bit too fast on this but needed to prove to myself, that while I may feel weak at the minute and although I cant sustain anything that resembles speed I am capable of, it hasn't gone away completely, nor has it gone forever.

As with everything, this too shall pass.
But not in time for next weekend.

I wont lie - I was gonna DNS.
Then I contemplated changing to the shorter distance.

I don't want to fail.
A DNF will devastate me.

I am in proper turmoil about this.

I swam 5km today.
It was slow.
It was supremely sore.

So I can do the one way.
Comfortably (ish)

Who needs comfortable anyway?
I saw on the way home from the lake that Hazel has what could be upto 125km in the water this week.

I've trained for 10km... so 10km is what I'm gonna do.
I said it.

And I don't tell lies.

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