Thursday, 29 August 2013

Outlaw Begins

Entry for Outlaw opened when I was in a field, in a tent, in deepest darkest Welsh Wales.
It would have been a perfect reason not to enter. 

Soz guys, no Internet. 

Instead, I duely found myself trudging to the Farmhouse and asking Dave if I could borrow the laptop.

Dave dutifully obliged. He wasn't going to refuse given that he can have months of Micky taking on the vision he has. Apparently I will be out of the swim in good time, the spectators will expect a quality triathlete. .... Instead....They will get me.

I had a look of terror/excitement/keeping fingers crossed Internet crashes look upon my face while I surfed the net n entered my details. 
Details accepted. Congratulations Rach, you have a place. 
Shit. That's exciting.... And scary.... Gah!! The year of FuckIt has a lot to answer to!! 

I can do 1.2 of the 70.3 quite happily. I know I can swim. I would go so far as to say I can swim well. I know I can cycle the distance.... Not at any speed but I can cycle it. 
Just to find some pace on the bike and a run then. I can do that. 

I remember thinking during one of my swims 'oh my god I can't imagine getting out of the water n cycling 60 ish miles then starting a run after that' 

Oh. Seems I'm gonna have to do more than imagine it.

I told my dad today, thinking he'd pass a usual comment about how I can't run, won't get up *that* hill, can't possibly go that far. 

He didn't say anything. 
No comment about stupidity, certainly nothing about pride or drive or stubbornness.
He used to run marathons. No pearls of wisdom. No words of support.

Thank you. You just fuelled me more. 

I haven't done a triathlon yet. I've got one in a few weeks, only a sprint distance but it's a start. 
I don't have a road bike. Minor detail.

But I know what I have achieved in 2 years swimming.
I know why I have achieved in 2 years in my personal life. 
I have 9 months.

A lot can happen in that time. 
Life is in the process of shifting once more. 

I will do this. I will do it well. 
Sadly, you probably won't be there to see it
None of the people fueling my journey will see.
But they will get to learnt he results.

Being. It. On

Monday, 19 August 2013

Three Word Cycling

Loaned road bike.
Let's do this.

50 mile? Ok.

Bike is different.
Not my hybrid
Hills are unpleasant
Seat position different.
Pace yourself, Rach
Different is ok.

Bike much lighter
This isn't bad
Keep thinking positive

2 hours in
How far cycled?
24 miles, really?
Only second outing 
Feeling quite proud

Aaaah, Bolton Abbey
Coffee, cake, perfect.

Time to return
Oh my god!
That REALLY hurts
Shorts been rubbing

Pass the Vaseline
Pass the sudocreme
Ow ow ow

How far home?
I hate this!!

Shut up chimp!! 

You can't cycle
Slow, lagging behind 
Holding them back

Shut up chimp!!

I'm so sore
I hate this

Jesus!! More hills
Gear level stuck
Ok Rach, calm

Sing a song.
See, that's better.
Keep going Rach
Just keep swimming

Swimming is nice
Swimming isn't cycling
Swimming is fun
Cold water euphoria
Hot, sweaty, stinky
This isn't fun
This is hell
I hate cycling


Life is good
Having nice time
Stop lying Rach
You hate this

It's ok really
Just different bike
Almost home, see! 

Few more hills 
Road bike lighter
Cycling is easier
Hybrid is heavy
Just keep going
Think positive thoughts 
Pedal. Pull. Push.
Pedal. Pull. Push

Sharon taken down
Didn't expect that.
Mark clipped wheel
All it takes

Boom!! On deck!!

Ok be careful.
Keep going Rach
Nice n steady

Tired. Sore. Grumpy.
Just keep going.
Back at Sharon's
Coffee, Mars bar
Stretch everything out.

That was awful.
Never cycling again. 

Every part hurts
Want to cry

Till next time

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

So where to begin?

I have read too many blogs lately that have made me cry - not in a bad way, they have been inspirational, full of sacrifice and achievement. Some of these have been strangers who I hope will become friends.

They have stirred my soul to the point of tears.

I have been on 'this stage' of my journey since my 30th. At some point I will need to do some back filling as to how I went from depressed couch potato to open water swimmer who has just agreed to do a half iron man in 2014 with a view to doing a full in 2015.

This is gonna be the story of the tantrums along the way, this is the next chapter of being me.
Me, but better.