Saturday, 12 March 2016

What a difference a day makes

So yesterdays run saw me doing 10km surges - which invariably mean that i run faster than my 10km pace as it is just for little bursts before falling back to recovery pace.... except recovery pace is invariably faster too as you feel so ace.

Needless to say, I had the numbers 4.55 on my watch yesterday*.
Not for very long.
But they were there.
And it was long enough for me to see it when it was happening - mid run.
It made me do BIG smiles.

(*min/km not miles.... I only dream of being *that* speedy)

I remember striving for 6.30's not that long ago.
It may not be speedy to some, but I seem to have hit a point where I was making good running progress....

Today, of course, was the exception.

I debated my sock shoe combo this morning.
First error..... sorry..... first lesson.

I had toast instead of porridge.
Second lesson.
I never have toast.... unless it is covered by beans or poached eggs.
These 2 slices had neither topping.

I had a discussion midweek with a friend about how hard training in a morning is.
I bounced out the door within 30 minutes of waking up.
Lesson number 3.
I know I'm shit in a morning.

The first step I took was hard, my legs were heavy from yesterday - I kidded myself that I would warm up soon and my legs would spring to life.
I lied.

Deep down I knew they wouldn't - or I just didn't believe it enough.
Whichever. I didn't happen and they still feel like lumps of lead,

Elle King isn't the right music when you're having a bad run.
Taylor was required - I opted for the Foo's instead, but it was too late then.
There was no coming back.
Pick N Mix might have saved me.

Anyway - its done and I've learned.

I need to manage my energy systems.

The energy I allow to seep into my ears, the energy I put in my belly and the positive energy I let rattle round my head.

......What with the head bone being connected to the toe bone and all that......